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Tammy Greer

Tammy Greer

Dr. Tammy Greer received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and a Master of Security Management (both from the University of Houston-Downtown), and Ph.D. in Political Science from Clark Atlanta University with focus areas in American Government (including state and local government), Urban Politics, Comparative Politics, and International Politics. She served in numerous capacities in the private sector as well as the public sector, including serving as an educator.

Dr. Greer’s interests include community and civic involvement focusing on how policy and the lack of equitable public policy impact historically underserved communities.  She advocates for consistent civic engagement and voting, especially in non-presidential elections, which includes voting for all positions on the ballot.  Dr. Greer serves as a board member on several organizations including Georgia Women Connect, Media Policy Center, and the community chair working to create community gardens in urban food deserts.  Dr. Greer has been interviewed in numerous states, nation-wide, and international media outlets including CNBC, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, NPR, Washington Post, WGN, Christian Science Monitor, and the Atlanta-Journal Constitution regarding politics and policy. 

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