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Carthea Simelton-Treminio

Cathea Simelton-Treminio

Carthea Simelton-Treminio

Cathea (Kit) Simelton-Treminio has resided within the Perimeter for almost a decade. She brings to the board a depth and wealth of executive knowledge at the federal and local government levels. She is a highly accomplished and effective leader and public speaker with more than a decade of professional experience in regulatory compliance, policy implementation, balancing multi-million-dollar budgets and managing contracts with the federal government. She was assigned to multiple high-priority initiatives at the White House which included Deep Water Horizon-Strike Force and the establishment of two new offices (Office of Chief Scientist and Office of Advocacy and Outreach).

She created, designed and held oversight for the launch of the “Receipt For Service” program impacting federal housing, farms/farmers, business loans, nutrition programs; a mandatory U.S. Congressional and federal compliance response to the Pigford-Cobell Settlement(s). Ms. Simelton also served as a National Director and as a Liaison with the Higher Education Initiatives (serving Historically Black 1890s, Predominately White 1860s, Hispanic-Serving and Indigenous and Native American Colleges and Universities). Ms. Simelton served in the Office of Executive Secretariat, where she was responsible for drafting communications on behalf of the Secretary of Agriculture and the White House. Her contributions at the national level also included managing federal advisory committees on the design of My Plate/Mi Plato. Ms. Simelton has represented the federal government with various corporate agencies, NGOs and partners/stakeholders that include but are not limited to: USAID, the Aspen, Pew and Brookings Institutes.

Ms. Simelton holds a Bachelor’s in Biology and Master’s in Nutrition from Tuskegee University, a Juris Master’s from Emory University School of Law and completed post-graduate studies in International Development at Johns Hopkins University. Ms. Simelton most recently served as a member of EPIC (Emory’s Public Interest Committee) and as a co-instructor in the Goizueta School of Business at Emory University providing instruction for both undergraduate and graduate/MBA students. Her life’s-passion, which is driven by her entire family’s dedication to civil rights, is advocating for those who experience inequalities, inequities and injustice.

Ms. Simelton currently is a managing partner with P&P/JOLT Consulting where the firm’s foci is driven by domestic and international cultural transformation via emotional-intelligence coaching and training; while in tandem embracing, promoting and celebrating anti-racism, diversity, equity, actual equality-understanding and inclusion. She serves in multiple capacities with numerous youth groups, community and executive boards. She is a proud member of an African-LatinX household and a founding member of the AfriLatin Diaspora Consortia. Cathea was recently selected to serve as a member of the premier organization, Leadership Perimeter, a regional organization that identifies leaders to assist in building stronger communities through leadership excellence. Yet, her greatest achievement in life is answering the divine call of being a mother to her little one! Her favorite pastimes now include mastering a fourth language with her child and traveling abroad with her family and their rescue dog, Sir Rainbow Patches Dash.

Kit’s favorite quotes:
I will let no person bring me down so low that I resort to hating them
-Dr. Booker T. Washington

If you are silent about your pain, they will kill you and say you enjoyed it
-Zora Neale Hurston

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